Best Available: 57th Annual Grammys Scorecard

Best Available: 57th Annual Grammys Scorecard

Beyoncé, Beyoncé © Sony

Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour  © Capitol

The official cut-off date for eligibility for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards is September 30, 2014. The end of September is filled with albums that are certainly looking to compete for music’s most prestigious awards. That said, there are also notable albums released after last year’s cutoff date that can’t be written off. From my perspective, here are among the best available albums within a…

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Quickie: 1 Favorite from Each Chris Brown Album 

Quickie: 1 Favorite from Each Chris Brown Album 

Chris Brown, X © RCA


Chris Brown is a name that no longer possesses the innocence of a bright, teenage R&B star. At one time, Brown wasn’t a bad boy, but rather a self-proclaimed country boy from Virginia. Throughout his career, Brown has evolved, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Regardless, with six albums under his belt (including X), here are five songs that are…

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Rick Ross Rides Down “Elvis Presley Blvd” 

Rick Ross Rides Down “Elvis Presley Blvd” 

Rick Ross, Mastermind © Def Jam


What’s this thing that a little birdy whispered in my ears? Rick Ross is releasing a new album entitled Hood Billionaire. Funny, didn’t ole boy just release an album this year called Mastermind? Of course, a new album needs a new single, right?…

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Prognosticating 4th Quarter Albums!

Prognosticating 4th Quarter Albums!

Prince, ART OFFICIAL AGE © Warner Bros


The busiest, most lucrative time of the year has arrived for the music industry – the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter is a big deal because it encompasses the holiday season, and what better than the gift of music, right? The Wire has a fantastic prediction post that everyone should check out that inspired my own post of similar topic.  My list features 14 albums and my personal opinion…

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The Case Against Miley…

The Case Against Miley…

Miley Cyrus, BANGERZ © RCA

To say I have never been critical or judgmental of Miley Cyrus in the past would be a flat out lie – I’ve stated strong opinions towards Cyrus. Yes, that popular song about climbing a mountain (“The Climb”) irked me like no other, and don’t get me started about “Can’t Be Tamed” – Lordy, Lord!

A fan I won’t attest to be, but being a…

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Review: Ensemble Mik Nawooj, Ensemble Mik Nawooj: A Hip-Hop Orchestra

Review: Ensemble Mik Nawooj, Ensemble Mik Nawooj: A Hip-Hop Orchestra

EMN: A Hip-Hop Orchestra EP © Golden Fetus

EMN © Golden Fetus

Ensemble Mik Nawooj • Ensemble Mik Nawooj: A Hip-Hop Orchestra • Golden Fetus Records • Release Date: July 28, 2014

Has there ever been such a thing as classical hip-hop – a blend between two completely different styles with seemingly little in common? It seems like a complete odd-couple stylistically, but talented composer/pianist JooWan Kim makes it work alongside high-flying chamber group En…

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Thoughts: Lecrae, ‘Anomaly’ 

Thoughts: Lecrae, ‘Anomaly’ 

Lecrae, Anomaly © Reach
Lecrae • Anomaly • Reach • US Release Date: September 9, 2014

Lecrae chooses to contrast the majority of rappers. Rather than spit about stacks, whips, and hoes, he chooses to spread a message with greater substance, ministering and lifting up ‘The Most High.’ On recent album Anomaly, the MC’s game has not changed – “Thank God.” He continues to take on a nonconformist approach, while still…

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