10 Urban Joints To Close September

10 Urban Joints To Close September

Chris Brown, X © RCA

Jhené Aiko, Souled Out © Def Jam

September has come to a close boys and girls… sorry, thought I was still teaching my music classes. Got your attention, right? Well September is concluding, and there were some notable urban albums and songs that were unleashed upon the world. Sure, everyone is crying over their album sales, but at least there a good song or two to spin… Here are 10 Urban joints to close September!

1) Prince,…

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57th Annual Grammys Scorecard (Take 2…)

57th Annual Grammys Scorecard (Take 2…)

Barbra Streisand, Partners © Columbia

Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour  © Capitol

The official cut-off date for eligibility for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards is September 30, 2014. The end of September is filled with albums that are certainly looking to compete for music’s most prestigious awards. That said, there are also notable albums released after last year’s cutoff date that can’t be written off. From my perspective, here are among the best available albums within a…

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What’s the News, B? – ‘Splits-ville,’ Mary’s London, Miley and More

What’s the News, B? – ‘Splits-ville,’ Mary’s London, Miley and More

Mary J. Blige, The London Sessions © Capitol


Column “What’s the news, B?” picks out news that stands out during the week.

1) Amber Rose is divorcing Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa, Blacc Hollywood © Atlantic

While I’d love to say I’m surprised by this news, I’m not in the least bit. It just didn’t seem like it would last long to me.   As to the reason why – well, as with every celebrity split, there’s usually plenty of drama behind it.  According to…

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Let’s Play Catch-Up… Music Review Style!

Let’s Play Catch-Up… Music Review Style!

Jennifer Hudson, JHUD © RCA

Luke James © Island

Hello my wonderful blog followers! Wish I had a clever name for those who follow such an intellectually sound, somewhat crazy dude like myself, but alas I don’t. We’re going to play a game called catch-up Thursday – exciting right? Well, regardless of whether that title (or the game) tickles your fancy, this post is just updating some of the reviews yours truly has posted via the Internet.

Jennifer Hudson, JHUD © RCA


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Review: Pentatonix Delivers More Riveting a cappella Magic on ‘PTX, Vol. III’

Review: Pentatonix Delivers More Riveting a cappella Magic on ‘PTX, Vol. III’

Pentatonix, PTX, Vol. III © RCA


Pentatonix • PTX, Vol. III • RCA • US Release Date: September 23, 2014

Sometimes, the unlikeliest artist or musicians gain some serious traction – or should I say, attraction from the people? A cappella outfit Pentatonix seemed to come out of nowhere. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true as the group did appear on NBC’s Sing Off, but as everyone knows, only one…

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Review: Luke James Shows Off Lofty Potential on Self-Titled Debut

Review: Luke James Shows Off Lofty Potential on Self-Titled Debut

Luke James © Island


Luke James • Luke James • Island • US Release Date: September 23, 2014

One of the troubles that often hurts R&B music – particularly new artists – is low-key promotion, not to mention the lack of a big-time single. For Luke James, he was truly fortunate to earn a Grammy nomination for his performance of “I Want You,” considering it wasn’t a household name even…

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